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Colloidal Silver 50PPM Vert. Spray 1 oz

Colloidal Silver 50PPM Vert. Spray 1 oz

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Dietary Supplement


Trusted silver brand since 1994


We offer a variety of colloidal silver body care products. Look for our herbal tinctures, topical gels and sprays all made with our pharmaceutical grade colloidal silver. A higher PPM atomic pharmaceutical grade colloidal silver and pharmaceutical grade water not electrically processed unlike many of its competitors. We specialize in offering the highest quality ingredients in our colloidal silver products. Our products are safe for the whole family and backed by independent clinical, university and in-vitro studies. In comparison to other colloidal silver products on the shelves today, silver wings colloidal silver is less expensive because of its potency making it the overall best value!


Highest quality: contains pharmaceutical grade colloidal silver and pharmaceutical grade water.


Amber color: the true color of a higher PPM pharmaceutical grade colloidal silver is amber, not colorless.


Easily absorbed: provides the highest percent of the silver particles at 2nm for optimal absorption.


Testing & safety: we specifically use NCS (nano-photon correlation spectroscope) testing.


It is the most accurate testing of overall particle size. Colloidal silver particles should range between 1-100nm for safety purposes.


What is PPM?

PPM (parts per million) equals the number of silver particles per serving. 50,150,250&500 PPM are strength levels.

10 PPM formulas may require frequent suggested daily dosage.

1 teaspoon of silver wings 50 PPM is equal to 5 teaspoons of a 10 PPM solution.

Suggested use: Adults: 8 sprays up to 5 times per day

Children (<78 lbs): 5 sprays twice daily for up to 14 days.

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